Thursday, April 9, 2009

Next Easter will be audibly better

A good afternoon to all our readers and a very Happy Easter for this Sunday. As mentioned in my last entry I'm off to Norfolk for the weekend, which is unsurprising as that's where I come from. Unlike my girlfriend to whom you might expect me to be loosely related. 

But before I head off down the M11 and into the sunset I just wanted to assure you that next year Easter will be a more exciting occasion. Although we just missed the boat in 2009, come 2010 you can rest assured that our Easter Egg Hunt Audio Guide will be ready for action. Of course there'll be one in London, but I also want to find out from those travellers amongst you where else (in terms of European cities) you'd like to spend an Easter weekend exploring.  

Are we going for famed Christian and culture centres, such as Rome, Venice, Seville, Prague, Vienna and Paris, or are we looking for a different experience all together. Alley ways and small back streets make for the best discovery grounds, so maybe Tallinn or Split. So let me know what you think - it's you chance to make a difference to Easter 2010...

In the meantime, StrollOn...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Like the rest of the UK StrollOn looks closer to home

We have got ourselves into a right little pickle, haven't we? The pound has dropped so much against the Euro that is has now become prohibitively expensive to visit our favourite haunts in Spain, France and Italy. Once the preferred destination of city breakers and package holidaymakers alike we now simply cannot afford to even leverage a beverage when we arrive on the ground in Barcelona, Paris or Rome. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the World - in spite of crumbling markets and broken economies - seems to be finding enough loot to head in the opposite direction and make the most of the lowly pound. So much so in fact that we've hardly seen a drop (if at all) in year on year visitor numbers to London and the like. But what can we do? Do we just have to sit at home this year, riding out the storm? Personally I don't believe that the British will be fazed by a weak currency and rising unemployment. We may cut down on some luxuries, such as fresh vegetable and durable loo roll, but we will not cut down on them all. Which is why the word "holiday" continues to play on everyone's mind as the summer approaches. 

Much like me you do not want to be left behind in June and July, sharing your capital or home town with the barbarian hordes from mainland Europe and the US. No, you want to go abroad, but somewhere where your money will buy value. In which case we're suggested to avoid the Eurozone and North America and advised to consider new destinations. In Europe the best deals can be found in Iceland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey. Thereafter carriers have made it easier (on the wallet) to get out to both the Middle and Far East. 

Have a look at AirAsia and you'll see what I mean. The advent of the low cost, long haul carrier couldn't have occurred at a better time.  

But can you really be bothered to pack up, pay what is still (relatively speaking) a small fortune and head abroad? Holiday yes, but abroad really?! I think that this is when we should all stop a moment and consider the opportunity that has been put before us - the opportunity to get to know our own island a little bit better. And it will feel like arriving in a foreign country as you pass the railwayline in Brandon on the A1065, because I'm telling you that all your vacational needs can be found in Admiral Lord Nelson's county, Royal Norfolk. Just sit down, take a look at the following and tell me that I ain't as mad as a turkey drumstick...

You know it makes sense. I'm heading off there this weekend and I'll let you know how it goes should I manage to escape come Monday night. If not, follow my cries for help on Twitter

In the meantime, StrollOn...

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