Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Apps for Paris and London

We now have 2 cities in the App stores – iPhone and Android - with Paris and London fully covered by our walks and general guides. A third is coming out as I write – that sounds painful but I meant that it is going to be launched in the stores in a few days. 
 Strollon definitely stands out for its quality. We had this idea for MP3 guides way ahead of the market and there are now many for various parts of the world but you only have to listen to a few of them to realise that quality really matters. Bad sounds are Bad news.
 You will see from the App store that our developers are Locatify and I strongly recommend a visit to their Apps that are Treasure Hunts 
 You can produce your own: challenge someone to find the restaurant you are meeting for lunch; or make one up for a party. Schools have written them for form outings and charities raise money with a Hunt. They are very simple to make and an excellent way to keep the friends you want to meet, and lose the friends you want to lose. Know what I mean?
 Oh, one last thing which was a reason for writing this blog. Make your own Guide. Yes, I mean it. We have devised a management system that lets you produce your own. Maybe not as good as Strollon’s but we are very happy to include it on our site if it covers somewhere special.
Do you know that Strollon has been in the top 5 on Google for our most relevant search terms since we started many years ago? This just shows how popular we are and how well we have designed the site.
Glad to have you along. Check out the App stores for these brilliant Apps:

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