Thursday, January 7, 2010

A stroll through Terminal 5

A stroll through the airport
Chaos and anger erupted at London airports last night.
I was at Heathrow where we were surrounded by mobs of very cross travellers.
Staff stood in the middle of the concourse and just told people to ring a very long number if they wanted information. Most of them did not have mobiles that worked, or their batteries were flat or they could not find a payphone.
Therefore here are a few hints for travellers in Terminal 5:
1. Plug sockets are near the toilets. They can charge the laptop and the mobile. You look like a tramp sitting on the floor but it is better than standing in a queue.

2. Go to any empty desks for information. Queues can be created at random. People think it has a purpose but often it is a crowd causing trouble. Other check-in desks welcome a friendly face and have the same information.

3. Use your looks and charm. I do not claim to have either of them but they work wonders on a hassled member of staff. Bad jokes are not welcome but always stroke egos and mop brows. Do you remember the hell of complaining customers?

4. Don’t get cross. You look an asshole to all other travellers and staff avoid you.

5. Grab a seat in a coffee shop. They can be gold-dust and buy you new friends.

I will bring you more hints next week.

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