Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mail and the wedding

Where else can you get the latest and best-reported news on the event of the year – the Royal Wedding?

Yes, it’s that bastion of royal values – Mail Online.

Line up! Line up! For the spectacular display of stories, comment and facts about Kate and William: (the Fairy Princess and the Goblin Prince?). Millions of people read the newspaper but millions more are on the website.

Go to the website. Drown yourself in Royal mania. This will be 10 weeks of Windsor Worship – and by god do they deserve it.

But do not leave us for long! We will give you a bridesmaid a day with a page thrown in for dessert. What else can you want from StrollOn? – a beacon of information throwing out messages into the darkening gloom of economic depression.

Come back to us and take a stroll in the city – it is always the best way to work off the sorrows of the Big Society.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

William and Kate's Saint

The Royal Wedding is on 29th April 2011.

Why that day? Simple: it is the Feast Day of St Catherine of Siena.

St Catherine was number 23 of 25 children which is quite a challenge in itself although probably less of a challenge than becoming a Saint. You can still visit her house in Siena.

Although she was said to be a model child (hardworking, friendly etc.) she must have surprised her parents. It all started with the visit by Jesus when she was only 5 (well it would wouldn’t it?) and at the age of 7 she vowed to lead a life of chastity. She became an anorexic in her teens – believing that she did not need to have earthly food since God would always provide – and then proceeded to give away all her family’s food because they could also depend on God. Yes, I can hear what some parents are thinking but let us move on.

She was a great letter writer and eventually the Pope gave her a job as an ambassador since she wrote such persuasive letters. However the job proved to be too much and she went back to Rome to die in 1380. She was only 33 with an emaciated body as a result of her continuing anorexia and bulimia.

When Catherine died there was a terrible tussle between Sienna and Rome over where her body should lie. Rome had the advantage of actually having the body in a church but the Sienese were not to be thwarted. They opened her grave and cut off the head to take home. You can see its shrine in the Basilica of San Domenico in Siena.

She was made a saint in 1461 and in 1999 she was made one of the patron saints of Europe.

I doubt any of this is relevant to our Catherine but it gives you something to think about on the day itself.

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